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Member News

04 Feb 2016
MBERRA, Mauritania/ GENEVA, 4 February 2016 (LWI) – “It’s difficult to say how we pass our time in the camp. You wake up and you wonder what to do all [...]

ACT News

A woman and her child washing dishes in the Niger River at Segou, Mali. Photo by Paul Jeffrey for the ACT Alliance.
08 Dec 2013

Existing chronic food insecurity in Mali was compounded by three years of low rainfall, reducing the availability of food and increasing food prices beyond the reach of the poor. Mali is on the frontline of climate-related emergencies today. The UN Human Development Index ranks the country at 182 out of 187 countries. In 2013, environmental […]

To Camp Mbere, between 500 and 1200 refugees arrive everyday. ACT member LWF and its partners are doing everything possible to keep up with the influx of people. They have the capacity to build around 300 tents per day.
Thomas Ekelund/ACT/LWF
20 Apr 2012

It looks like any other school yard, any other school day. But it is actually the first school day in Camp Mbere, a refugee camp only a few kilometres from the Malian border in Mauritania. Suddenly a camera attracts the attention and hundreds of children sets of, screaming and laughing. Like any other children. When […]