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Asha Khedka, a social mobilizer for the ACT Alliance, talks with women in Sanogoan, Nepal.  Credit: Paul Jeffrey
23 Mar 2017
  Commitment to combat gender inequality is a crucial and consistent core value for ACT Alliance member DanChurchAid and recognised as a cross cutting commitment. DCA aims to transform social, economic [...]
02 Feb 2017
(8.12.2016) – When neighbors attack her verbally, Rita Lama now presses the record button on her mobile phone.  “The recording is evidence if I have to fight a case in [...]
19 Jan 2017
ACT member LWF and Islamic Relief Worldwide train builders in quake-proof construction (LWI) – Tashi Tamang is busy. The 30-year-old mason from Ramche in Nepal’s central Rasuwa district has just [...]
17 Oct 2016
Thirteen-year-old Nima Chhiyog Lama still dreams about the small cozy room in her old house. A warm place, her family around her and the wood fire burning in the kitchen [...]
31 Aug 2016
Since responding to the devastating earthquake in Kashmir in 2005, Community World Service Asia has assumed a leadership role among aid organizations in Asia and has initiated and supported the [...]
10 May 2016
Life can get thrown of course in an instant. That’s what happened to 2.5 million Nepalese as the two massive earthquakes of April and May last year destroyed their homes. [...]
25 Apr 2016
This year and next year,ACT Alliance member Finn Church Aid (FCA) is constructing more transitional and semi-permanent learning centres with adequate water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in Nepal, extends its [...]
ACT Alliance General Secretary offers encouragement to Nepal earthquake survivors “I will share your stories with the rest of the world so that you will be supported in rebuilding your [...]
A woman rests from stacking cement blocks in Sanogoan, Nepal, that they and their neighbors will use to build new homes. This Newar community was hard hit by the April 2015 earthquake that ravaged Nepal, losing almost all their housing, but they've been helped by the Lutheran World Federation, a member of the ACT Alliance, to rebuild their lives. The ACT Alliance has provided a variety of services here since the quake, including blankets, tents, and livelihood assistance, and is helping villagers form the tens of thousands of cement blocks they will need to construct permanent housing.
08 Apr 2016
“Brave the outside world” (LWI) – “The earthquake has united us and forced us to brave the outside world and find our strength.” In Nepal women are leading the rebuilding [...]
Kabita's friend Kanchi Shrestha carrying a raw brick she made for reconstruction work in nepal after the earthquake. An LWF grant enabled earthquake survivrs to start reconstruction nine months after the earthquake.
Sanogoan, Nepal, January 2016
ACT Model village
Photo: LWF/ Lucia de Vries
consent given
29 Jan 2016
Nepal: Reconstruction starts in model villages (LW) – It takes a village to rebuild one. Almost nine months after the earthquake that destroyed 600,000 buildings in Nepal, the people of [...]
18 Jan 2016
It is Saturday morning in Ghusel, a village in Lalitpur district which was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake that struck Nepal half a year ago. From the village square [...]
07 Oct 2015
RASUWA, Nepal, 7 October 2015 (LWI) – In Nepal, LWF Nepal and IRW signed an agreement to cooperate in humanitarian relief efforts. They walked for six hours on muddy trails, crossing [...]
14 Aug 2015
57,000 earthquake-affected people will be able to complete their intermediate shelters and protect themselves from the monsoons. After several discussions with government and other like-minded agencies working on the ground, [...]

ACT News

11 May 2016

DanChurchAid cash distribution in Nepal after the earthquake – Photo: Shreya Singh/DCA   Once you’ve seen it, you’ll never forget: that look on the face of a poor man or woman after a disaster, having just received cash in their hands. Not a bucket, nor a bag of flour, or a blanket, but cold, hard, […]

Ranjit Srestha / ICCO Cooperation / ACT
26 Apr 2016

Ranjit Srestha / ICCO Cooperation / ACT “We are a group of Women’s Saving Group and we have 40 members who save Rs 50 (Nepalese Rupee) every month. Our village is a tough place to be a farmer, nothing much grows here except potatoes. So, it helps to have our own savings group, where everybody […]

Locals in Byasi Tole, come togehter to build a temporary shed for the people in Byasi Tole, who have lost their homes following the earthquake. Photo: ACT/DCA/Shikhar Bhattarai
18 Feb 2016

ACT Alliance builds the capacity of local communities through an EU initiative. Lives can be saved if people in local communities know what to do before, during and after a disaster. This is why today (18 February 2018) ACT Alliance, in cooperation with European Universities and with the support of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, […]

The local population was raised in Lakuri Bhanjyang, Lalitpur district, for the distribution of Vocuhers on. © DCA / ACT
23 Jul 2015

On July 19, 2015, the ACT Alliance partners of DKH Austria in Nepal, expanded cooperation with a local organization, the cash transfer program for the affected by the earthquake to build temporary accommodation at the places Lakuri Bhanjyang and Lamatar in Lalitpur district , Like most villages that lie around the Kathmandu Valley in hilly area, […]

ACT News Nepal 2015
12 May 2015

ACT Alliance members are continuing relief efforts as a second major earthquake struck eastern Nepal today, two and half weeks after more than 8,000 died in a first devastating quake. The latest earthquake, with a a magnitude of 7.3 hit near the town of Namche Bazaar, near Mount Everest. An earthquake on 25 April, centred in […]

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal the 25 of April 2015 has been called the most powerful quake in 81 years to hit the region. The city most affected was Kathmandu.
08 Nov 2014

Heavy monsoon rains hit 17 districts in the mid and western regions of Nepal in August 2014, causing the worst destruction Nepal has seen since flooding in 2008. More than 12,000 houses were destroyed, another 13,695 partially damaged, and a massive 40,055 flooded. The extreme weather saw cattle, ducks, chicken and fish washed away or […]