Madagascar: Cyclone Ava

In the afternoon of Friday the 5 January 2018, the region of Atsinanana in Madagascar, was affected by the tropical cyclone Ava with a maximum wind speed of 150 kph alternated by gusts of 205 km/h in a radius of 37 km around its center. The tropical storm hit the Island country off South-eastern on Friday and Saturday killing at least 29 people nationwide and forcing more than 17,000 from their homes. According to the Statement from the National Bureau for Risk and Catastrophe Management or BNGRC, 22 people are still missing. Overall, Ava affected more than 83,000 people. The cyclone struck the Eastern part of Madagascar the hardest. There, towns flooded and buildings collapsed, crops were destroyed, roads were damaged and communications were knocked down. Heavy rains are expected and spread in Regions Atsinanana, Analanjirofo, Alaotra Mangoro and Vatovavy Fitovinany.

In March 2017, tropical cyclone Enawo slammed into the northeast of the country, killing at least 80 people displacing almost a quarter of a million. Enawo was the strongest cyclone to hit Madagascar in 13 years with winds of 230kph, the equivalent of a category 4 hurricane. In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, the ACT forum in Madagascar has identified a gap in safe shelter, food, non-food items, wash kits and protection and has resolved that if funded, it will have the capacity to properly bridge the identified gap. The ACT forum is planning on submitting a funding proposal to provide food, non-food items and wash kits to ensure that the cyclone affected persons’ basic needs are met with regards to wash, health and livelihoods.

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