Tanzania: Rain Storm Emergency-RRF 05.

In the evening of Wednesday the 6 March 2019, the district of Same, Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania was hit by unexpected heavy rains accompanied by storm and heavy winds.

On the night of 8th March 2019, a heavy rainstorm accompanied by strong wind also hit the district of Morogoro (Morogoro region) in Tanzania where 226 households were affected.

In both locations villages were badly affected, residential houses, business houses, food reserve items and livestock were adversely affected.

The disaster also affected and destroyed classrooms, teachers’ houses/offices, directly affecting schools.

According to the reports received from the assessment teams (government and Tanganyika Christian Refugee Service -TCRS), there are still gaps in the response that the ACT RRF can support.

TCRS proposes to provide most affected households especially those who are still hosted by community members (neighbours, friends, and relatives) with food assistance.

Tanzania_ Rainstorm Emergency (RRF)