Indonesia: Emergency assistance to communities affected by flash floods in Jayapura Regency, Papua – No. RRF 04/2019

In the afternoon of Saturday 16 March 2019, the district of Jayapura in Papua was hit by flash floods around 19.30 PM (+9 GMT) that wiped out some areas in Jayapura District. The flood badly damaged most sub-districts in Jayapura District, especially in sub-District Sentani. The affected sub districts are as follows : Dobonsolo, Hinekombe, Hobong, Ifale, Ifar Besar, Keheran, Sentani Kota, Sereh, and Yohbe. According to data released by BNPB on Wednesday, March 20, there were approximately 104 casualities, 79 persons missing, 60 persons injured, and around 9,691 IDPs. The flood has also damaged villagers’ houses, public infrastructure and facilities including health facilities. The number of displaced people increased as the floods spread widely. People had to evacuate to 18 relief camps.

The national government declared a state of calamity in the areas most affected by the floods. Assessments made by ACT member PELKESI/ICAHS indicated that affected individuals need food, shelter assistance provision of health services, drinking water and access to clean toilets.  Household items have also been damaged. Most vulnerable are women, children under five, elderly persons, and persons with disabilities.  The national government has been inundated with other recent disasters, specifically Lombok and Central Sulawesi earthquakes, and this response is necessary to augment government support.

RRFs Indonesia_Flash Floods in Jayapura Regency, Papua-No.RRF04_2019