Appeals and Rapid Response Funds

Pakistan: Emergency Cash assistance to the vulnerable flood affected families in Sindh – RRF 09/2020

29 Nov 2020

As per assessment report conducted by the One UN Provincial Program Team Sindh, 2.2 million people have been directly or indirectly affected by the monsoon rains with 77,337 houses fully damaged and 137,007 partially damaged. An estimate 1.9 million acres of crops have been affected and 45,961 of livestock were lost. Mirpurkhas is among one […]

Philippines: Humanitarian Response to people affected by Typhoon Goni in Bicol Region – RRF 08/2020

29 Nov 2020

UN OCHA estimated 2 million people were affected by the typhoon Goni as it traversed across northern and southern Philippines, of which 1.1 million are poor. The Philippines’ National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) reported about 517,172 people are staying in government evacuation centers or with friends and family and estimates 27,750 houses damaged. […]

Honduras Migrant Caravan RRF07/2020

23 Oct 2020

Since September 1, 2020, news of a migrant caravan (which refers to a considerable number of migrants who take refuge in the protection offered by traveling in a group in their journey to the United States) circulated on social networks, the caravan left from San Pedro Sula Bus Station the 30th of  September.   The […]

UPDATE: Global ACT Appeal for the COVID-19 Pandemic (ACT201) – List of Sub-appeals and RRFs

10 Sep 2020

ACT Alliance is pleased to announce launching a total of 16 Sub-Appeals under the Global ACT Appeal for the COVID-19 Pandemic (ACT201). In addition, 17 Rapid Response Fund proposals have also been approved. The following Sub-Appeals are now available for consideration by ACT members and potential funders/donors: 1. Afghanistan/Pakistan: Humanitarian Response to COVID-19 affected Communities […]

Lebanon: Emergency Response to the Beirut Explosion – LEB201

27 Aug 2020

While Lebanon is already struggling from the financial crisis, economic contractions and the USD devaluation, and hosting large number of refugees. A warehouse at the Beirut Port containing large quantities of ammonium nitrate exploded on 4 August 2020. After an initial explosion, a subsequent blast caused widespread damage, with reports of damage more than 20 […]

Horn & East Africa: Desert Locust Response (HEA201)

14 Aug 2020

The worst desert locust outbreak in decades is underway in East and the Greater Horn of Africa. According to experts, this is the worst outbreak in over 25 years in Ethiopia and Somalia and the worst observed in over 70 years in Kenya (The Guardian, April 2020). Already, over 11.9 million people in the region […]

Lebanon: Emergency Response to the Port Explosion in Lebanon-RRF06/2020

14 Aug 2020

The Government of Lebanon declared a two-week state of emergency in Beirut after the Port explosion on August 4,2020. While Lebanon is already struggling from the financial crisis, economic contractions and the USD devaluation, and hosting large number of refugees, this explosion came to deepen the crises and put extra pressure on both the Lebanese […]

Tropical Storm Amanda El Salvador RRF 05-2020

22 Jun 2020

 Background  May 31st: tropical depression 2-e is reclassified as Tropical Storm Amanda. In 3 hours, 10% of the average annual rainfall had hit El Salvador. On Sunday the 1st of June, El Salvador’s government declared a Red Alert.  According to official data, 18 people lost their lives and 6 persons are missing, while 7,225 people […]

Egypt: Floods Emergency – RRF03/2020

21 Jun 2020

On the morning of Thursday 12 to 14 March 2020, the country of Egypt was aggressively attacked by rainfall caused flooding in multiple populated areas (Eleven governorates in Egypt), causing massive property damages and loss of human life. ACT local national member BLESS response will be providing immediate relief through the cash distribution to 60 […]

Uganda: Flood Emergency – RRF No. 04/2020.

16 Jun 2020

Floods and landslides in south Western Uganda have caused devastating effects. Heavy rains that saw major rivers burst their banks have displaced and affected an estimated 8,266 households who are sheltering at Schools and churches. The overall coordination of this action will be spearheaded by ACT member, Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC). The response will […]

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