ACT Alliance Humanitarian Policy

13 Jul 2021

In May 2021 the Governing Board approved this revised Humanitarian Policy.   Endorsed by the EPHR (Emergency Preparedness & Humanitarian Response) Reference Group and the Technical Working Group for ACT humanitarian reform, the policy is designed to  enable an effective ecumenical response that saves lives and maintains dignity whilst strengthening the resilience of affected communities and […]

ACT Complaints Policy

05 Jul 2021

The ACT Alliance as a membership-based organisation is committed to providing high-quality humanitarian, development and advocacy programmes and to working in an open and accountable way.  The alliance was founded with clear respect for the independence of its members. At the same time, the ACT Alliance has a vested and collective interest in the performance […]

New ACT Safeguarding Community of Practice: Interview with the Co-Chairs

15 Jun 2021

The new ACT Safeguarding Communities of Practice (CoP) was launched in early 2021. Co-chairs are Ms. Anne Fitzpatrick (ALWS, Australia) and Ms. Asma Shehzad (CWSA, Pakistan). We asked them about their plans for the CoP, their personal motivation and possibility of a regional CoP on Safeguarding.   Congratulations for your new position, Anne and Asma! Can […]

ACT Alliance Newsletter Asia Pacific: New Humanitarian Policy

09 Jun 2021

Governing Board approves the new Humanitarian Policy ACT Alliance’s Governing Board recently approved the new Humanitarian Policy which will be rolled out in January 2022.  This policy replaces the ACT Humanitarian Policy revised in 2017.  Here are highlights of the new policy: The Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan, through an online platform, is now mandatory […]

ACT Alliance Newsletter Asia Pacific: Bangladesh

08 Jun 2021

Orientation Workshop on Humanitarian Essentials in Cox’s Bazar For a complex response like the Rohingya response and working with the host community which involves dealing with an array of diverse stakeholders, it is crucial for the humanitarian aid workers to be fully aware of core humanitarian standards, competencies, and skilled enough to carry out the […]

Newsletter Asia Pacific – China

08 Jun 2021

Amity Foundation’s Advocacy by Radio in Hong Kong Even in times of social media and picture-oriented news, radio broadcasting still is of high importance in order to reach out to the community. Therefore, the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Council regularly organizes radio programmes on Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK),  the public broadcasting service in Hong […]

ACT Alliance Regional Newsletter Asia Pacific – News from Indonesia

08 Jun 2021

The ACT Indonesian Forum puts its interest not only on disaster management, but also on gender justice. Some Forum-members who also work on gender justice issue are YEU, CWS, ICCO, CDRM&CDS, and PELKESI.   The latest activity on gender justice took place on March 17. PELKESI conducted a workshop on the role of the church […]

Bangladesh Forum Event Report on National level Experience Sharing 2021

01 Jun 2021

Regional Newsletter Asia Pacific 2-2021 Bangladesh Forum: Event Report on National level Experience Sharing_20210519

The ACT Bangladesh Forum

23 Apr 2021

LWF Training on Mainstreaming community based psychosocial support, January 2020 Shakeb Nabi, Forum Convenor, ICCO Cooperation Country Director How often do you meet within the forum? The ACT forum in Bangladesh is a robust and dynamic forum with very diverse sets of members. We have a combination of both the national and international organizations coming […]

Climate-Resilient, Sustainable, and Low-Emission Livelihoods

09 Mar 2021

ACT Alliance is proud to launch it’s newest publication Climate-Resilient, Sustainable, and Low-Emission Livelihoods. In a period of climate emergency, a more efficient means to secure survival and sustainable development is to find co-beneficial means to address climate-related issues with efficiency. Efficiency is needed because of the deep concern of the impact of the fast-evolving […]

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