ACT Gender Justice Policy

ACT Alliance believes in an end to gender inequality and injustice, gender-based discrimination and violence, and in closing the gender gap and address unequal power relationships for the promotion of human dignity for all. To this end, the ACT Alliance expects each member to develop a board-approved, gender justice policy which is specific and relevant to their local cultural and programmatic context within three years of the adoption of this ACT Alliance Gender Justice Policy.

While there has been progress on gender equality in some countries, women in many parts of the world suffer discrimination and are under-represented in decision-making processes. Violence against women remains an endemic problem inhibiting their full participation of women in their communities, economies and societies. When a humanitarian crisis occurs gender inequalities are even more acutely highlighted. In such situations, women, young girls and boys form the most vulnerable groups and are exposed to greater risk of sexual violence in particular. In recent years there has been growing evidence of violence, harassment, discrimination, exclusion, stigmatization and prejudice directed against people because of their gender and sexual identities.

The response to humanitarian and development needs and rights must be designed in a way that it pays attention to identifying the different needs, capacities and unique contributions of different individuals and groups. Ignoring these aspects has serious implications for the survival and protection of people and may create set-backs in efforts at long-term improvement.

Thus, all initiatives ranging from emergency assistance, recovery, reconstruction through to long term development, should utilize and benefit from gender sensitive analytical tools and approaches.

The 2017 policy is a revision of the 2010 Gender Policy which makes it congruent with existing standards and commitments adhered to by ACT Alliance. The 2017 Gender Justice Policy is a mandatory policy for all ACT Alliance members. It is available in English, Spanish and French.

ACT Alliance Gender Justice Policy 2017 English

ACT Alliance Gender Justice Policy 2017 Spanish

ACT Alliance Gender Justice Policy 2017 French