Japan Forum: Wealth disparity becomes explicit in Corona-crisis 

10 Jul 2020

Although we could barely manage to dodge lockdown in Japan, Japanese society has been significantly impacted by COVID-19 particularly, in terms of a national economy as well as any country.  This Corona-crisis has made wealth disparity explicit.  For instance, we now know who can work from home and who can’t.  Apart from medical service workers […]

Activities of the Myanmar Forum in the first half of 2020

10 Jul 2020

From Livelihood Technical Forum to Street Renovation – The Myanmar Forum has been active on various issues: Forming Livelihood Technical Forum Meeting among ACT members’ organizations in Myanmar                ACT member organizations in Myanmar have been holding a “Livelihood Technical Forum Meeting” starting on May, 2020, since most of the project activities are temporarily postponed […]

Winning the Peace: Peacebuilding and Climate Change in Mali and Somalia

19 Jun 2020

ACT, NCA, DCA Launch Report on Peacebuiling and Climate Change. The report is available here. Climate change is a reality, and it is happening now. For millions of people, living in poor and vulnerable countries the effects of global warming are a daily challenge. In some countries these effects may also become drivers of conflict, […]

A new threat facing Afghanistan Education: COVID-19

30 Apr 2020

At the time of writing, 145 people have been confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 so far with Afghanistan’s very limited testing facilities; the outbreak poses a major challenge to a country already struggling with deep seated poverty, long-running conflict and an extremely fragile health system and lacking school facilities. Approximately 3.7 million children are out of school, and 60 […]

Increasing awareness to prevent Coronavirus in Sindh / Pakistan

30 Apr 2020

In coordination with the Health Department, District Administration and community member, through Health Management Committees and Village Health Committees, Community World Service Asia is implementing its MNCH[1] health projects in Umerkot and Sujawal districts of Sindh since 2015. Citing the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, the health team is raising awareness as part of a […]

Rukhsana’s life at home during the Pandemic situation in Umerkot, Pakistan

30 Apr 2020

A school teacher shared her story, engaged in the education project[1] in Umerkot, of how her family is coping with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Rukhsana Yasmeen is a teacher at the Government Boys Primary School, Police Thana. “The education of students in Umerkot have been effected very badly due to the lockdown imposed by the […]

Community Mobilizer Bharat helping others in this difficult time

30 Apr 2020

In the current COVID-19 pandemic state, it was a good decision to close down offices, shops and malls according to Bharat Kumar, Community Mobilizer at Community World Service Asia in Umerkot. “I will secured and protected when working from home, however, it is not easy. The strict lockdown in the city have deserted the streets […]

Building Awareness to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus in Umerkot, Pakistan

30 Apr 2020

Mukesh working with Community World Service Asia in Umerkot shares his experience of the current situation. “The closure of offices have put on hold all activities. People are living in isolation, shops are closed and no one is risking going out. Mostly daily wagers are suffering due to the current lockdown situation. They do not […]

Strengthening Humanitarian Response during Emergency of COVID-19

30 Apr 2020

COVID-19 is rapidly spreading globally and taking many precious lives from more than 177 countries. To mitigate the current situation, Sphere has developed a document, Sphere standards and the Coronavirus response, which can help organizations build awareness on how individuals, communities and humanitarian actors best respond to the COVID-19 outbreak? How can the Sphere Handbook […]

Haris, bringing hope to fight against COVID-19

30 Apr 2020

Haris resides in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and works as a Human Resource (HR) officer for the Community World Service Asia, based in Islamabad. His duties comprise organizational and project based recruitment, staff care, calculating and managing employee compensation & benefits, performance management and working on identifying staff capacity building training and development opportunities.   “As an […]

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