Appeals and Rapid Response Funds

Assistance to improve the resilience and livelihood of CAR and Sudanese refugees and returnees, and host communities in Chad

24 Feb 2015

24 February 2015 – Chad is affected by conflicts in neighbouring countries, notably the Central African Republic, Sudan,  and with a population to more than 460,000 refugees (367,000 Sudanese, 93,000 Central Africans) living in refugee camps in the east and South of the country. In late 2013, a massive repatriation of Chadians from CAR took place. A total […]

Syria Humanitarian Response

28 Jan 2015

28 January 2015 – Conflicts and high level of violence continues throughout the Syrian Arab Republic, aerial bombings by government forces and attacks by armed opposition, extremist and designated terrorist groups continue to result in death, injury and displacement. It is estimated that 10.8 million people in Syrian Arab Republic remain in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, many […]

RRF – Malawi flooding and heavy stormy winds

10 Jan 2015

10 January 2015 – Heavy rains and heavy stormy rains devastated the country from 5th January to date and the weather forecast is indicating that the heavy down pours will continue. This has caused swelling of the many streams and rivers and consequently flooding of many rivers in Chikwawa, Nsanje and Karonga; and in Karonga […]

Support to Gaza and the West Bank – PSE141 (Rev. 2)

09 Jan 2015

 9 January 2015 – In July 2014, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge against the Gaza Strip, following. This has resulted in an aggravated protection crisis in Gaza with serious and negative humanitarian consequences. To date, more than 2145Palestinians have been killed, and more than 11231were injured, in which 501were children. Most of the victims are reported to be civilians. […]

Ethnic violence in Assam state, India – RRF Nr.1

09 Jan 2015

9 January 2015 – The National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) in Assam state of India warned of retaliation when the state police launched an operation against them on 21 December 2014 which resulted in the death of two of their members. The NDFB attacked on 23 December 2014 in three districts of Assam ? […]

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