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[WHS Blog] Cash – A Big Part of the Answer to Reshaping Aid  

11 May 2016

DanChurchAid cash distribution in Nepal after the earthquake – Photo: Shreya Singh/DCA   Once you’ve seen it, you’ll never forget: that look on the face of a poor man or woman after a disaster, having just received cash in their hands. Not a bucket, nor a bag of flour, or a blanket, but cold, hard, […]

Rapid Response Fund: Enabling timely and effective locally–led responses

10 May 2016

As a global alliance, with presence in more than 140 countries, primarily at the local and national levels, ACT Alliance members are well positioned to respond to local emergencies enabling a rapid response and minimising damaging impacts of disaster. Rooted in faith, the alliance uses community-based frontline responders, even in disasters that do not make […]

ACT Alliance calls for commitment to democratic principles in Brazil

10 May 2016

PRESS RELEASE International faith-based network ACT Alliance has called for substantive commitment to upholding universal democratic principles and respect for human rights as the social and political turmoil in Brazil risks worsening. The Governing Board of ACT Alliance, a network representing 140 churches and faith-based organisations working together in over 100 countries, also called for renewed […]

[WHS Blog] Changing the humanitarian system – it starts with me

09 May 2016

Tika Maya Pulami holds a water pot as she fetches water from a cistern in Salang, a village in the Dhading District of Nepal where Dan Church Aid, a member of the ACT Alliance, has provided a variety of support to local villagers in the wake of a devastating 2015 earthquake. The village’s water system […]

Drought in Ethiopia – Mohamed Ousmael’s story

06 May 2016

  Looming famine In the highlands of Bale region in Ethiopia, the grain harvest is in full swing. Roads are busy with modern agricultural machinery the grain is harvested large scale. Only 100 kilometers away, in the dry plains a major famine is looming. During the previous rainy season there was so little rain that […]

[WHS Blog] Amplify the voices that promote human dignity

06 May 2016

People fled the fighting in South Sudan. Members of the ACT Ethiopia Forum have supported the people arriving in Ethiopia. Photo: Christof Krackhardt   Under Core Responsibility Two – “Uphold the norms that safeguard humanity”, the report of the Secretary General of the United Nations for the World Humanitarian Summit listed in its Agenda for […]

Drought in Ethiopia – Duwi Hawas’s Story

04 May 2016

  Husband in the city for work Duwi Hawas, 30 years old, lives in Buta Wager, a small village, with her six-year-old daughter Genno Dinka. Her parents are living with her. Her husband has gone to the city to work. As is the case in nearly all the Ethiopian lowlands, hardly any rain fell in […]

[WHS Blog] Ban Ki-Moon’s proposals welcome but Istanbul must make this a reality

03 May 2016

Fawzi Abu Jame’a, with his 7-year old daughter Raghad, sit in the ruins of what was once his parents’ home Khan Yunis, Gaza. Houses in the area were destroyed by Israeli air strikes during the 2014 war between the state of Israel and the Hamas government of Gaza.   The UN’s most senior official, Ban […]

The Story of Asha and Her Daughter Kemeria

03 May 2016

  Water reserves depleting rapidly The majority of the population in the Raytu District, the drylands of the Bale Region, make a living from animal husbandry. Availability of water is very important. The water reserves are depleting rapidly because very little rain fell during the last rainy season. The basins in which rainwater is collected […]

Drought in Ethiopia – Amene Ahmed’s story

02 May 2016

Amene Ahmed’s story Ethiopia, Sawena district, Adele   Amene Ahmed (22 years old) lives with his wife and two daughters in Adele in the lowlands of Bale region in Ethiopia. He works as a farmer and has one hectare of land, which is adjacent to that of his father who has 2 hectares of land. […]

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