Somalia: Flood Emergency

27 Apr 2018

In the evening of Thursday the 26 April 2018, the region of Jubaland, Galmudug, South West State, Banadir and Hirshabelle in Somalia, were flooded due to the rapid increase of river levels and continued heavy rains affecting 427, 000 people and displacing nearly 175,000 people. The floods have put various regions in a state of […]

Malawi: Floods Emergency

25 Apr 2018

During the night of Wednesday the 11 April 2018, the district of Karonga in Malawi, was affected by severe floods when Karongo experienced sudden heavy rains for 7 continuous days. Floods have caused displacement of 3,570 people with three lives lost; livestock killed, crops and houses destroyed. The flood affected persons find themselves in a […]

Zambia: Floods Emergency

23 Mar 2018

Chama district one of the newly created districts and is divided into Chama North and South. Chama in Zambia is experiencing flooding of Kamphemba river resulting in destruction of hectares of crop fields and has so far destroyed 154 houses. Flooding is due to heavy down pour of rain that affected the area in a week, […]

Madagascar: Tropical Cyclone Eliakim

23 Mar 2018

On the morning of Friday the 16 March 2018, the district of Mananara Nord and Maroantsetra in the peninsula of Masoala, Region of Analanjirofo, Madagascar, was affected by Eliakim, a tropical cyclone in category storm. Eliakim brought with him a maximum wind speed of 105 km. The cyclone has put Manara district in a state […]

Ethiopia: Drought Emergency

07 Mar 2018

Ethiopia is currently facing a complex humanitarian crisis as result of an ongoing drought combined with an ethno-political conflict. The current drought is an extension of last year’s (2017) drought which severely affected pastoral lowlands of Afar, Somali and Oromia. Over the past four decades, recurrent droughts have been affecting Ethiopia each time with increasing […]

Tonga: Tropical Cyclone Gita

14 Feb 2018

During the night of Monday the 12 February 2018, the capital of Nuku’alofa in Tonga, was hit by Category 4 Tropical Cyclone Gita passing directly over the main island, with strong wind speeds of 230 km/hour and wind gusts of 278 km/hour devastating the country’s most populated island group. Tongatapu, which includes Tongatapu island (home […]

Malawi: Drought Emergency

08 Feb 2018

Malawi is experiencing the most severe prolonged dry spells and fall army worm infestation which have threatened agricultural production of 3.8 million people (Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Report 2018). With little or no rain still not falling in some parts of the country and fall army worms still destroying crop fields the […]

Burundi: Influx of DRC Refugees

05 Feb 2018

In the evening of Wednesday the 24 January 2018, refugees fleeing fighting in South Kivu started streaming in Makamba and Rumonge Provinces aboard boats. Since August 2017, the security and humanitarian situation has significantly deteriorated in South Kivu, more specifically on the axis Sebele ‐Kikonde‐Kazimia, the southern coast of Kazimia (Yungu, Talama) and the coastal […]

Philippines: Volcanic Eruption

02 Feb 2018

In the afternoon  of Monday the 22 January 2018, the province of Albay in Region V where the Mayon Volcano is situated in the Philippines, was advised to stay vigilant as the alert level was raised to 4 (hazardous eruption imminent), on a five-step alert system, coming from a 10-day increasing unrest. The alert level-3 […]

Uganda: Influx of DRC Refugees

23 Jan 2018

In the evening of Monday the 18 December 2017, the district of Kanungu, Kisoro and Bundibugyo in Western Uganda, were highly congested with Congolese refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo fleeing violence. That week was characterised by two major developments: the unexpected surge of arrivals to Kyangwalli Settlement through the Lake Albert route and […]

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