Horn and East Africa: Desert Locusts

21 Jul 2020

The desert locust is considered the most destructive migratory pest in the world as it is highly mobile and feeds on large quantities of any kind of green vegetation, including crops, pasture, and fodder. In February 2020, the government of Somalia declared the locust upsurge a national disaster. Currently, various UN and government agencies are […]

Alert_05_2020_Tropical Storm Amanda El Salvador

02 Jun 2020

ALERT El Salvador San Salvador, May 31st.  2020 SITUATION On May 31st. 2020 the Tropical Depression 2-E has been reclassified as Tropical Storm AMANDA, and is located just off the coast of the Pacific, between El Salvador and Guatemala. The Tropical Storm Amanda, has brought so far between 371-400 millimeters of rain in 48 hours, […]

Horn and East Africa: Floods Emergency

22 May 2020

Since the beginning of the long rains (March-May), the Horn and East Africa region has been faced with extreme rainfall and widespread flooding, directly affecting 1.26 million people (ERCC) May 2020. The floods find the affected countries in the region at a time of already unprecedented threat to food security, aggravated by the worst Desert […]

Bangladesh and India: Cyclone Amphan

21 May 2020

Cyclone Amphan made landfall near Sagar Island in West Bengal, India, close to the Bangladeshi border around 5 p.m. local time with sustained winds of 160 kilometers per hour (100 mph), according to the US Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Storm surge up to 5 meters (17 feet) is likely to occur along the coastline as […]

Egypt: Floods Emergency

22 Mar 2020

On the morning of Tuesday the 14 March 2020, Egypt was aggressively attacked by heavy rainfall caused flooding in multiple populated areas, causing massive property damages. More than 1000 houses were totally/ partially demolished by the wild effect of the strong gush of water. Also, extensive areas of agricultural land were destroyed by the effect […]

Madagascar: Cyclone Emergency

20 Mar 2020

In the afternoon of Saturday the 14 March 2020, the region of Sambava situated in the North East of  Madagascar, was affected by a Cyclone (Herold). Only 8 weeks after the last devastating storm damaged the West Coast of Madagascar, the island was struck by cyclone Herold, on the North-Eastern coast. Cyclone Herold was accompanied […]

Peru: Floods, hailstorms and heavy rains in Cusco and Puno

11 Mar 2020

During the night of Tuesday the 18 February 2020, the province of Quispicanchis, Cusco and Huancané, Puno in Peru, was affected by hailstorm and heavy rains resulting in damage and loss of crops such as potatoes, corn, wheat, quinoa, fava beans, barley, edible plants that are the main sources of food and income. Additionally, houses […]

Peru: Dengue outbreak

11 Mar 2020

On the morning of Monday 2 March 2020, the region of of Tumbes, Northern Lima, Ica, Junin, and San Martin in Peru, was notified with an increased endemic level of the Aedes aegypti, the main vector of the viruses Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya.  The Epidemiology Offices of the Regional Health Directorates have reported the following […]

Ethiopia: Locust Infestation

06 Mar 2020

On the morning of Tuesday, the 3rd March 2020 six out of nine regional states namely – Afar, Amhara, Oromia, Somali, Tigray and Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’, as well as the administrative city of Dire Dawa, were affected by a desert locust invasion. The desert locust invasion if not controlled could cause large scale-scale […]

Tanzania: Flood Emergency

12 Feb 2020

During the night of Sunday 26 January 2020, the district of Kilwa in Lindi region, Tanzania was hit by floods caused by heavy rainfalls which continued for three days from 23rd to 25th January 2020. According to the local District Commissioner’s office, at least 7 persons have lost their lives. Rescue teams are using boats […]

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