ACT Alliance global strategy 2015-2018

We believe that the world must be transformed for the better. What looks impossible can become possible if we all seek transformation. This includes those with power, wealth and influence, as well as those most affected by injustice. Transformation is about change in ourselves and in our relationships with one another. Right relations are needed in all levels – locally, nationally and globally.

We need to actively seek these social, economic and political changes, but can only do so with the help of God. With this second global strategy for ACT Alliance, we commit to doing our part in this transformation to attain full life and dignity for all. This will require every part of the alliance – all members and all alliance structures – to find their place and do their utmost to make this strategy successful. As such, all parts of the alliance will be asked to develop work plans that operationalise this strategy in their particular context.

ACT_global_strategy 2015-2018 ENGLISH