Appeals and Rapid Response Funds

Drought in Southern Mozambique – MOZ161

21 Jan 2016

The Mozambican government’s Disaster Management Technical Commission (CTGC) on January 16th, 2016 announced an orange alert, only one step removed from the maximum state of disaster readiness, a red alert. The move was prompted by a combination of torrential rains north of the Zambezi and a severe drought in southern Mozambique. The soils in the […]

Humanitarian Response in Syrian, Jordan and Lebanon – SYR161

22 Dec 2015

  The Syrian crisis is an ongoing multisided armed conflict since the unrest began in March 2011, with international interventions taking place in Syria, neighboring countries and beyond. ACT Alliance, through its JSL Forum members in the region, and their work on the ground, has observed the increasing needs of directly and indirectly affected population, […]

Protracted Conflict Crisis in South Sudan – SSD141/ SSD151

21 Dec 2015

Appeal Target: US$ 8,818,426. The conflict continues to negatively impact the country’s economy as sustainable development is now virtually at a standstill leaving about 4.6 million of the population mainly women and children in need of urgent life-saving humanitarian assistance and protection. ACT forum in South Sudan is planning to attend to the affected communities […]

Flooding in Tamil Nadu,India – IND152

15 Dec 2015

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 657,278. The Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu was battered by exceptionally heavy rains since the 9th of November 2015. There were 3 intensive rain spells, the first from 8th and 9th November, the second from 15th– to 17th November and the third from the 30 of November onwards, and still […]

Assistance to support and protect war affected vulnerable communities in Central African Republic – CAF151 (Extension)

03 Dec 2015

Appeal Target: US$ 1’831’561. ACT members The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and Finn Church Aid (FCA) are providing assistance to the displaced and vulnerable communities with protection, education, food security, nutrition and psychosocial support through the Appeal CAF151, issued at the end of April 2015. Due to late funding and critical security issues, implementation could […]

India: Tamil Nadu Floods – RRF No. 09/2015

13 Nov 2015

Rapid Response Funds Payment for US$ 59,454 (US$ 30,000 UELCI / US$ 29,454 CASA). UELCI will provide immediate life-saving relief (food and non food items) during the crisis stage along with early recovery for 1,950 flood affected families in Tamil Nadu and South Andhra Pradesh. CASA will meet the immediate food and NFI needs of […]

Pakistan: Assistance to Earthquake-affected, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province – PAK152

05 Nov 2015

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 626,826 ACT member Community World Service Asia (CWSA) is aiming at providing life-saving support to earthquake-affected families in the 4 most devastated districts of the most affected Province: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), with the following objectives: Re-establish health services, provide mobile emergency services and patient follow up in the most affected areas […]

Pakistan: Assistance to the Flood-affected families in Sindh & Punjab – PAK141 Revision 1

04 Nov 2015

Appeal Target: US$ 268,794. Community World Service Asia and Norwegian Church Aid will respond to 37,000 flood-affected individuals including male, female, children and elderly people that are displaced and do not have access to primary health care and basic WASH services in Sujawal District in Sindh and Rajanpur District in Punjab. This is in response […]

Pakistan: Earthquake – RRF No. 08/2015

30 Oct 2015

Rapid Response Funds Payment Request No. 08/2015 for US$ 59,998. The response aims to provide food packages (1-month ration) to 300 earthquake-affected families in Shangla District. Furthermore, through the deployment of a Mobile Health Unit and its own Mobile Laboratory, provide much needed emergency health services to those affected by the earthquake. RRF_08_2015_Pakistan_Earthquake

Malawi: Food Insecurity in Malawi – MWI151

22 Oct 2015

Appeal Target: US$ 47,553.57. This appeal follows an alert that was issued on 28 August 2015. The issuing of the appeal was delayed due to lack of funding. Now based on interest from ACT funding members and following advice from the ACT secretariat, the ACT forum in Malawi decided to revised the appeal in order […]

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