Appeals and Rapid Response Funds

Influx of South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda – UGA161

28 Sep 2016

There is currently a massive influx of refugees from South Sudan into Uganda following the collapse of the Transitional Government of National Unity due the fighting that erupted on 7th July between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), government forces of President Salve Kiir, and Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In Opposition (SPLA-IO), loyal to the former first vice president Dr. […]

Earthquake in North-West Tanzania – RRF No. 6/2016

16 Sep 2016

On 10th September 2016 at 15:27 local time an earthquake with the magnitude of 5.9 on the Richter scale and at a depth of 40km hit north-west Tanzania. The epicentre was located in close proximity to the border town of Nsunga on the Lake Victoria and nearby Bukoba municipality, a major town and the regional […]

Drought in Ethiopia – ETH161 (Rev.1)

05 Sep 2016

The ETH161 Appeal has been both extended (for 5 additional months) and revised, for the following reasons: late receipt of funds, underfunding of some components and challenges and delays in implementation, including massive coordination effort and heavy bureaucratic process to get permission to respond to particular geographic area, which didn’t stop requesting members to prioritize […]

Refugees/Migrants Humanitarian Response: Follow on response – EUR161

24 Aug 2016

Appeals_08_2016_Refugees_Migrants_Humanitarian Response_EUR161Since the beginning of 2015 an increased flow of people seeking asylum in Europe or a better life have been travelling into Europe in increasing numbers. The number of asylum seekers has constantly risen from a few thousand in 2014 to over a million entering Europe in 2015. While the number of people entering […]

Floods in Northern and Central Bangladesh– RRF Nr.5/2016

04 Aug 2016

As of 30th July 2016, 14 people have died and over 340,000 households in 16 districts have been severely affected by the continuing heavy rains during the last few days which has caused floods in Northern – Central parts of Bangladesh. The continuing downpour and rising waters have now exacerbated an already bad situation. As […]

Flooding in North-Eastern State of Assam, India – RRF Nr.4/2016

28 Jul 2016

Heavy torrential rains during the last few days have caused floods in North-Eastern states of India. The flood situation continues to remain grim in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.  As of the 24th of July, so far 7 people have died and over 600,000 people have been affected in Assam, while over 100 households in Arunachal […]

IDPs and Refugees in Ukraine and Russia – UKR161

26 Jul 2016

ACT Alliance members Russian Orthodox Church /DECR/RTT (ROC) and Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) plan to continue their humanitarian support to IDPs in Ukraine and refugees in Russia to contribute to the alleviation of their suffering by addressing the most pressing needs in the sectors of Food Security, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Health (Psychosocial support) and […]

Flooding in Madhya Pradesh, India – IND161

21 Jul 2016

People in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India have been struggling with one of the worst flood situations in their area, due to heavy rainfall for the past few days. Rivers are over flowing, washing away bridges, breaching embankments and marooning villages. The state capital of Bhopal city has also reported extensive water logging. […]

Burundian refugee crisis in Tanzania – TZA161

20 Jul 2016

Now over a year since Burundi’s current crisis began, more than 140,000 men, women and children remain in refugee camps in Tanzania and are unable to return home. The situation inside Burundi continues to worsen.  A low intensity urban conflict is spreading progressively from Bujumbura to other provinces, resulting in targeted assassinations, torture, harassments and […]

Refugee Crisis in Armenia – ARM161

19 Jul 2016

Since the eruption of the Syrian conflict in 2011, about 4.2 million people have been displaced outside Syria. More than 20,000 Syrian refugees came to Armenia. The vast majority of them are of Armenian descendants from Aleppo. Other minorities such as the Yezidis and the Assyrians have also found refuge in Armenia. Furthermore, there are […]

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