Ukraine: one year later

One year ago today Russia invaded Ukraine and unleashed a horrific humanitarian crisis that is still having a heavy toll on the civilian populations of Ukraine. The international conflict forced millions of women, men, girls and boys to run for their lives and seek refuge in neighbouring countries or become internally displaced.

Freezing temperatures, fear and atrocious attacks on civilian infrastructures is what Ukrainian families had to face daily since the beginning of the hostilities. But they have not been left alone.

The international humanitarian community mobilised immediatelyACT Alliance members worked together to bring the so much-needed practical, psychological and spiritual support to the millions of people who had lost everything so abruptly. 

An appeal was launched almost immediately and since then we have been at the forefront of humanitarian aid. The extraordinary courage of the Ukrainian people and their resilience is heartwarming but what is also heartwarming is the courage of all the humanitarian workers who delivered and are still delivering aid and hope. 

Millions of Ukrainian refugees have been helped, consoled and welcomed everywhere. The way we moved into action together is  uplifting. However, we must not forget that many are the crises that are unfolding globally and we should find the courage and resources to mobilise as fast and as strongly as we did in Ukraine.

It is possible and it is necessary.

We have produced a report that summarises all the efforts made to protect and support Ukrainian civilians in the past year. You can download this report below. ACT Alliance is grateful to its members who have been investing their skills, staff, resources and time in helping humanity.

We truly are Hope in Action!